Welcome To English Language Teaching Centre

The English language Teaching Centre Malaysia (ELTC) was established on the 1st of June 2002 to undertake the specialist function of enhancing the teaching competencies of English language teachers. The institution functions as a centre for innovation and research and development (R&D) in the teaching and learning of English. The institution is also tasked with the responsibility of setting standards and providing certification for English language teaching (ELT) professionals in addition to developing expertise especially in the field of e-learning for ELT teacher education.

Language and Literacy Department

To do research, develop and conduct courses on literacy and ELT pedagogy for young learners.

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ELT Pedagogy Department

                  To plan and develop teaching materials as well as to conduct courses on current innovative and creative ELT pedagogies.

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Language and Technology Department

To plan and develop materials and conduct courses on the use of ICT in ELT as well as to manage a centre for e-learning in ELT. CHEOK OY LIN B.SC (HONS) M.ED (TESL) Lecturer   HARDEEP KAUR A/P DARSHAN SINGH … Continue reading

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Assessment & Evaluation Department

To plan and conduct courses on current and alternative ELT assessment, and evaluation modes and practices.

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ELT Management Department

To identify, plan and conduct training of trainers and ELT Management courses in implementing ELT projects and programmes.

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Research and Development Department

To plan and conduct high impact research in the ELT context, and to inform about pedagogical and technological changes in the design and the development of ELT teaching and learning.

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Documentation & Publication Department

To document, publish and disseminate the latest ideas and innovations in the English language teaching and learning field in order to impact the classroom practice of ELT practitioners.

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Quality Assurance Department

To accredit ELT courses and programmes and to establish standards for English Language teaching and learning. [L-R: Ms. Kamariah Samsuddin / Dr. W. Shukry / Mr. Roger Chin ]

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